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A reference point for the Italian market

The Ethos Profumerie group has been active for 25 years and came out of the idea to build a network connecting beauty stores located across Italy. With more than 260 affiliated sales outlets, Ethos Group now boasts a wide network of loyal customers and a unique corporate philosophy.

A stronger online presence through the integration of digital and offline activities

Tinext worked with the Ethos Profumerie marketing team to develop a strategy able to take the group one step further. The key objective was to establish a deeper relationship with a client base in constant need of more precise and personalised information on a daily basis, also through a multichannel experience. At the same time, the team wanted to learn more about customer needs and their response to promotional campaigns devised in partnership with the best brands on the market.

This strategy involved implementing technological solutions in a model based on physical presence, to create digital support for the dense network of Ethos Profumerie stores, capitalising on the excellent work already carried out in the sales outlets.

The right synergy between tradition and innovation

The Tinext team developed a digital structure perfectly integrated into the Ethos Profumerie business model, using tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Advertising Studio, and integrating them into Salesforce Sales Cloud. This made it possible to create several multichannel campaigns capable of intercepting the customer through both email marketing and social media channels. The customer journey was designed with the insertion of repeated opportunities to gather feedback, useful for evaluating both the degree of effectiveness of a campaign and the level of satisfaction of the individual customer. Also, thanks to Advertising Studio, Ethos Profumerie was able to generate leads in order to expand its customer database.

The platform was designed to allow Ethos Profumerie to manage it independently after an initial phase of learning and technical support, as expressly requested by the group’s business needs. Co-marketing pilot projects were launched to optimise the strategy, using carefully selected products and brands, with brand partners such as Armani, Lancôme and YSL.

Each phase of online engagement is now carefully monitored. Online KPI analysis linked to on-site customer behaviour, dictated by in-store purchases, provides a clear and accurate view of the conversion rates obtained by each individual campaign.

The project has allowed for the introduction of new technologies, innovation and digital skills, monitoring the needs of customers but leaving physical stores at the centre of the multichannel strategy for what is a consolidated brand on the retail market. Tinext’s support will allow the company to face market challenges with greater confidence, without losing sight of corporate values.

All the information we need to measure the success of our campaigns is now at our fingertips. This makes quite a difference.

Mara Zanotto –
General Manager

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