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Discover Magnolia, the complete, simple and scalable CMS

Magnolia is an enterprise CMS, based on Java and with a commercial open-source license, that allows companies to create websites and portals.  Thanks to integration with Magnolia-owned or third-party extensions, companies are able to seamlessly manage content and experiences for a consistent digital presence. Magnolia has the perfect blend of usability, power and flexibility, helping you to publish content across your digital channels in the best possible way.

With Magnolia CMS, you can connect data from any source, manage content in any way and publish it on any device. Along with its superior backend usability, this content management system stands out for its robust architecture, which allows faster development and secure implementations, while keeping low maintenance costs.


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Do you already use Magnolia CMS but want to leverage all its potential for multichannel content management?
Tinext is a Magnolia Platinum Partner with more than 15 years hands-on experience in large-scale, Magnolia-based CMS solutions.

Easy to use

What makes Magnolia the best solution in its class for marketing executives and authors? An intuitive interface, optimised workflows across the entire CMS and all connected systems. Plus, a series of dedicated tools to create, plan and optimise content.

Magnolia: Headless CMS

Magnolia CMS is developed with powerful headless capabilities, allowing content to be published without being bound to a specific visual front-end template or structure. At the same time, Magnolia allows back-end management of content through advanced visual editing tools for a simpler content management and editing process and a better authoring experience.

Unlimited personalisation options with Magnolia

Magnolia CMS allows you to personalise your content to offer the user a truly bespoke experience. This can improve engagement with users as you are giving them content that matches their needs and interests. These days, creating specific content for your target audience is fundamental to increase conversions.

Total integration with Magnolia

Magnolia’s app structure allows for integration with enterprise systems and faster and more standardised development of integrations and personalizations. The Magnolia template configuration and light development approach allows front-end developers to create templates and components faster and without knowledge of backend programming languages. Magnolia’s source code is also fully accessible, thanks to its commercial open-source licensing model.

Magnolia: analysts reviews

Magnolia is used by companies in the Fortune 500 index in over 100 countries around the world. Analysts Gartner and Forrester recognized Magnolia's completeness of vision and its approachability, adding it to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Visionaries.

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Tinext consulting services can help you discover how to create websites and portal with Magnolia, the headless CMS.


Our expert team can take care of your Magnolia configuration, implementation, and integration with enterprise systems.

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Tinext will be at your disposal to help you operate Magnolia CMS and give you expert support on web content management.