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From trade associations to white goods, home appliances and large-scale, big-ticket items, Tinext provides the insight necessary to streamline processes and meet the expectations of end users, be they consumers or companies.


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of manufacturing marketers credit focusing on content creation for their increased success over the previous year

A new digital era

Computers and automation are making the manufacturing world safer, more efficient and less error prone. But none of this is possible without proper integration, allowing for the efficient exchange of information and bringing products directly to the eyes of customers. Tinext enables engineering, production, marketing and support to be rolled up under one roof, with special data storage platforms, customised by Tinext to suit the production volume and integration level desired.



 of marketers are currently using content marketing


of surveyed rated their content marketing efforts as extremely/very effective


of manufacturing marketers use website analysis to learn about target audience


of marketers believe that social media will be the most critical tactic to content marketing success

Products that are as cutting-edge as yours

As companies increasingly seek to bring their products from ‘production line’ to ‘on-line’, Tinext provides the expertise to harmonise product availability, user-specific price points and database flexibility. On the customer-interaction point, Tinext can provide marketing cloud integrations to allow manufacturers to engage in one-to-one conversations with consumers and business customers, as well as deliver a full-suite of automated marketing tools with artificial intelligence to support sales and boost brand awareness.

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