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Improve the relationship with your partners with Partner Portals

Partner portals are a fundamental part of the digital experience strategy for B2B companies as they give partners access to marketing, sales, performances, and training information, to keep them up to date and to allow them to self-serve. We design and implement B2B partner portals to allow your partners to be successful in their businesses. Because, if your partners are successful, you will be successful too. 

Make available sales and business data through partner portals

Partner portals are useful to share with resellers and distributors data about, leads and business opportunities. Through portals, companies can also keep their partners aligned on their business performances, KPIs and metrics, through sharing of reports and dashboards.

Strengthen Partner relationships by sharing relevant information at the right time

Partner portals are solutions that help you strengthen partner relationships by circulating company information, marketing and training material in a timely and more collaborative fashion. Communication between you and your partners is made easier through blogs, message boards, knowledge bases and comments.

Partner portals: from online quotations to orders

With our B2B portals, it is possible for the partner to create personalised quotations in a self-service mode. It is a secure, controlled extension of your sales team. You and your partners can access all the tools you need to gain added value in any situation. Orders can be turned into purchase with B2B commerce solutions.

Adding vision to execution with our Digital Experience consulting services

Looking to build a Partner Portal? Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting team offers down-to-earth consulting and practical advice on envisioning a new Digital Experience Strategy for your partner portals.