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In the field of administration, at all levels, there are numerous stakeholders to take into account, not least of whom, the people being served. That's a challenge, but technology represents a game-changing tool to help organizations deliver on their mandates and for their people.


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of people use online citizens' tools more than once a week: to pay taxes, get information and even to vote

Platforms for the people

Perhaps the most important data hubs are governments and institutions, from schools to hospitals and beyond. How that data is managed really matters. This trend is likely to increase as ever more people switch to interacting with institutions through online systems. Surveys have found that 25% of respondents use these online citizens' tools more than once a week: to pay taxes, get information and even to vote. However, rolling out tools capable of meeting the demands placed on them by millions of citizens is a challenge, given the volume and sensitivity of this data.



of jobs in the European Union will require digital skills by 2020


potential of cutting overhead costs


say they would like to use social media as a means to interact with their government


reduction in cost as compared to face-to-face interactions

Digital demographics

Analogue methods are no longer enough to communicate important information about infrastructure, services and regulations. Local and national governments and institutes turn to Tinext to reach the public where they are – online. We conduct our work, providing citizen-facing portals and institutional governance and management systems through a clear and transparent approach, striving to deliver value, security, ease of use and effective results for the organizations who employ us and their stakeholders.