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Marketing Automation software: optimising multi-channel marketing

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Improve your marketing strategy with Marketing Automation software

Multichannel marketing hubs are a fundamental touchpoint of the digital transformation, to design an effective multichannel marketing strategy. Multichannel marketing hubs (MMH) as a technology help companies organise and deliver communications and offers to customers and user across different channels and devices, such as websites, apps, SMS, mail and social networks.

Multichannel Marketing features

Digital marketers require their multichannel marketing hubs to provide basic functionality for customer profiling and segmentation, including creation of personalized campaigns and messages. Other key features for executing a multichannel marketing strategy include real-time content personalization and management, in both inbound and outbound environments.

Predictive and Customer Journey Analytics

Collecting and analysing customer data from multiple sources is essential for creating triggering messages and campaigns. Therefore, MMH data collection and management features are improving, to be able to offer relevant digital marketing campaigns. Machine learning and AI capabilities (like Salesforce Einstein) are key to predictive analytics and decision making, they support segment discovery and campaign generation, driven by customers’ profile, behaviour, and digital paths.

Working with the best Marketing Automation technologies

Tinext partners with some of the leading Marketing Automation software and can flexibly advise based on your needs. We work with:


Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting teams are at your disposal with down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy.

Thinking about a Marketing Automation tool?

Our consulting and delivery teams are available to assess or rethink your current or future implementation.