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Stretch your digital capacity with confidence: Tinext digital operations and support services

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Tinext: digital operations for content, campaigns and support for web martech applications

Running martech solutions like web content management systems or marketing automation tools nowadays requires specific skill sets and can be a time-consuming task. Organizations facing a lack of skills or capacity challenges in operating such systems can rely on Tinext digital operations services.

Furthermore, companies running Tinext web applications can subscribe for infrastructure and application management support to make sure their websites, portals or intranets are always up and running with no faults.

Digital operations and support come with flexible SLAs up to 24/7 availability to accommodate company’s specific internal policies or business needs.

Content Management Operations

Coordinating web content entry from multiple departments, countries, and stakeholders can be a complex and time-consuming task. With its Content Management Operations services, Tinext helps your company with dedicated staff to coordinate, manage, edit, and publish editorial, marketing, product, and investor relations content across the organization and on multiple digital platforms.

Campaign Management Operations

Nowadays, running digital campaigns efficiently not just on emails but also on sms, social and in-app push notifications with consistent journeys requires multiple skill sets and coordination across several organization’s departments.

If you are running Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Tinext offers you a team of certified specialists that can manage all aspects of your multi-channel marketing campaigns, from audience building to template creation, from campaign content entry to newsletters delivery.

Infrastructure and Application Management Support

Once your web solution is live - whether it’s a website, portal or intranet application - it has to be constantly monitored and supported should unexpected faults or malfunctionings occur. Tinext team is by your side to provide continuous support and updates to its web applications.

In case your web solution is hosted on the cloud or at Tinext Datacenter, we also provide proactive infrastructure support and maintenance for complete peace of mind.

Operations and Support  SLAs

Companies subscribing to Tinext operations or support services, can opt-in for flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) up to 24/7 availability and tailored to their needs to accommodate internal policies, stringent industry regulations, or business’ time-to-market needs.