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Liferay DXP: the full and flexible digital experience

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Liferay DXP: the full and flexible digital experience

Liferay DXP is a modern digital experience management platform: advanced software that allows you to offer personalised experiences to customers and build flexible, scalable and integrated businesses. This technology allows you to plan a complete customer journey, maintaining control over every digital interaction and process.

The program can be integrated with third-party applications for a fast and efficient multichannel solution. With Liferay DXP, you can manage every aspect of the digital journey of your customers, partners or employees, creating bespoke experiences and centralising every aspect of the business.

With this unified platform, you can simplify sales and marketing processes, enhancing online communication to optimise sales performance. Its interoperability allows you to keep costs down, synchronising both external and internal channels, fully sharing information to speed up your employees’ work and manage complex scenarios.

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Our teams are on hand to give you advice or manage your Liferay DXP platform, to improve your customers' digital journeys.

Liferay DXP as an integration framework

With Liferay DXP, you can manage complex interfaces thanks to shared frameworks with all platforms to accelerate the personalisation of digital structures. All modules can be integrated with the Gogo shell interface, Java and JavaScript frameworks are supported and it is fully compatible with legacy and back-end applications.

Maximum personalisation thanks to nominal data on users

Advanced tracking allows for the maximum personalisation of company processes, adapting each element of the page to the users’ requirements. You can accurately segment the audience, create complex rules and make the customer journey unique, with shared sets of content and integration with the data from the analytics tools.

Content Management System (CMS)

The Liferay DXP CMS ensures optimal content management, with the planning of publishing rules and the creation of dynamic resources to increase engagement. The platform allows you to see previews to verify the effectiveness of the pages, coordinate files on a large scale and share documents.

Collaboration and social media (building a real social network)

Liferay DXP provides an integrated ecosystem for the coordination of interactions, to control communication with users and improve collaboration. You can build personalised social networks, blogging platforms, wiki websites and multiple-choice surveys, synchronising content with all company channels.


Through the Liferay DXP graphic interface, you can use roles to determine simple and complex workflows. The workflows can be monitored in real-time, adding rules and instances based on users’ needs and requirements, as well as creating forms to automate company processes.

Multichannel support

Liferay DXP is a modern and efficient multichannel technology that is ideal for building perfectly integrated digital structures. The new REST APIs are available for front-end development, content management and active user participation, with frameworks for mobile apps and responsive design interfaces.