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Customer portals: help customers help themselves

Nowadays, customer portals are primarily designed to allow customers to directly access company’s services without involving traditional customer service channels, like physical branch or phone. Customer Portals companies can in fact allow customers to self-serve online, providing truly omnichannel support. An efficient customer portal is, hence, key to reduce customer service cost, while improving customer experience.

On customer portals, customers can go beyond simple requests of support and perform various activities, like updating their data, purchasing or amending plans or products, access dedicated information,  and even comment and communicate with other customers in a controlled community environment. 

Allow customers to self-serve

Studies show that 73% of customers prefer to find an answer to their problems online before trying to interact with a human over chat, phone or in branch. Interestingly enough though 55% of customers are unsatisfied of usability of current self-service portals. This is why companies should invest in creating or revamping their current portals to give their customers the chance to serve themselves to solve their issues without contacting support. Through customer portals, users should be able to easily find troubleshooting info, access knowledge base, and retrieve support material relevant to their issues.

Empower collaboration among users

Shall official support documentation not be enough, a customer portal should also offer users the option to share their experiences and issues in a community environment where actual and prospective customers can communicate with each other and help each other out. Publish, respond, share and comment on different types of content should therefore be features included in a successful customer community.

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