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Corporate intranets: engage and communicate with your employees

Corporate intranets are nowadays a fundamental tool to align and distribute corporate knowledge and information and to provide employees with a central tool, that can support their activities at work and increase their productivity. Intranets should therefore centre around a good user experience and be supported by the right technology. Many companies today are falling short in meeting the needs of a modern workforce. Indeed, employees expect experience that is similar to the consumer experience they are nowadays used to.

At Tinext, we design Intranets around the employees, combining the user experience with appropriate technologies. This allows us to create a employee-oriented Intranet experience that facilitates their work and enables them to spend time on activities with more added value. A better working experience is also a good way to keep employees engaged, increase their sense of responsibility and make them feel part of a shared project, with considerable advantages for the company and its business.

Intranet content: personalised and easy to access

Every day, companies and employees circulate a large amount of corporate material, information and announcements. It is crucial to personalise content so that each user can easily access and use what is most relevant to them and their work. 

Collaboration between teams working on the same projects

An effective Intranet should facilitate work between different users that need to share ideas on the projects they are working on. This favours collaboration between people, creating faster and more streamlined workflows.

Creating processes on a single site/platform

Employees access corporate systems for different reasons, such as to request holidays, request access to a facility, or other requests for approvals. A modern Intranet should allow users to do all this on or from a single system, maximizing the intranet adoption.

Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Digital Experience

Looking to implement or improve your current corporate intranet? Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext also provides down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to envision a Digital Experience Strategy for your employees