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Get a 360 customer view and optimize your sales process

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an effective sales tool that allows you to rationalise customer data and information to optimise the sales process. A CRM can provide companies with forecasts and analytics dashboards to analyse data. With this type of solution, you can achieve and improve your business objectives faster. Securely store information about contacts, sales opportunities and activities in a single database, easily prepare weekly or monthly reports that can be shared with other members of your team to keep everyone updated. Salesforce Sales Cloud can offer you all these features in one solution, integrable and scalable: our teams are at your disposal to help you manage CRM solutions to improve sales and grow.

A CRM helps you get to know the customer better

A CRM gives you the chance to better know your customers by consolidating information coming from different data sources and company departments. Customer data should be easily accessible from the CRM across the whole organization and it can be used to analyse purchase patterns and behaviour and anticipate customer needs, for an improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Uniform access to data and reports across the organization

A CRM allows you to analyse and share the most recent information on customers and prospects in a single place that is easily accessible across the organization. Team members can access the data from all devices, even mobile devices, every time and everywhere.

Optimize the sales process

A CRM helps to orchestrate your company’s sales process. Orders can be drafted, and quotes can be prepared directly within the CRM, reducing back-office overhead costs and increasing sales revenue.

Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Digital Experience

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting teams are at your disposal with down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up a complete CRM Strategy.

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