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Liferay: digital experience, commerce and analytics in one platform

Liferay provides optimised technologies to manage modern businesses, innovative solutions to tackle the digital transformation, improve company processes and leverage the potential of digital channels. The platform allows you to centralise management of the customer experience and internal processes, offering a fully customisable single environment.

With Liferay, you can build extremely efficient customer portals, partner portals, and corporate intranets with advanced systems for authentication and multi-level access management. The ability to share resources helps to improve productivity, unifying different systems and third-party applications for an optimised omnichannel digital environment.

With Liferay’s advanced commerce platform, you can create personalised sales journeys for customers, with role-based content design, bespoke resources for each user profile and multilingual support. Liferay also offers advanced analytics tools to get actionable insights about users’ behaviour across your portals.


Delivering Tomorrow's Digital Experience. Today.


Tinext consulting services can help you to discover how to create compelling digital experiences empowered by Liferay technology.


Our expert team can take care  of your Liferay configuration, implementation, and integration.

Operations and Support

Tinext will be at your disposal to help you operate Liferay platform and give you expert support on your Liferay implementation.