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Get a 360 customer view and live on the experiences customers expect

CRM software is nowadays central to any company’s success as they are at the core of these companies' sales and service processes.

Through CRM solutions, companies can implement a 360 customer view to improve the way they do business and become more customer centric.

At Tinext we consult on CRM for sales and customer service and we implement CRM solutions based on market-leading CRM products like Salesforce.

Track and predict sales with centralized opportunity management

A CRM should work as the single source of truth for customer data for the company. In this way every employee and in particular sales representatives can rely on a solid customer knowledge and history to sell in a more efficient way, improving their productivity. On the other hand, the company will benefit from a structured and consistent way of managing leads and opportunities. Thanks to advanced forecasting features, companies will also be able to predict sales and revenues accordingly. 

Serve your customers better with case management and customer support features

CRM solutions are also used to better serve customers across multiple channels. By leveraging customer information stored in the CRM, companies can fully manage customer service requests in a more personal and efficient way. Customer support representatives can also share their knowledge in a single place to provide quick and relevant responsive and resolve cases faster.

CRM integration with other systems

To fully deliver on the promise of a 360 customer view, CRM solutions must be integrated with all the other corporate functions that interact with customers, like marketing and ecommerce. Tinext can help in making sense of your ecosystem of solutions making sure they talk to each other in a meaningful way.

Add vision to execution with our consulting services on CRM strategy

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting teams are at your disposal with down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up a CRM Strategy.

Thinking about a CRM?

Our consulting and delivery teams are available to assess or rethink your current or future implementation.