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Mobile apps: a fundamental touchpoint in the customer journey

Mobile apps are a fundamental touchpoint in the digital customer experience, which now extends beyond interaction with a company’s website. Users increasingly use apps on their smartphones and tablets to get information about companies and products and to shop. This phenomenon should be handled with a precise strategy, and companies should take advantage of mobile technology to effectively oversee all marketing opportunities with their relevant target audience.

Apps are a useful tool in a multi-channel marketing strategy, as they allow you to know more about your users and customers (e.g. geolocation) and to reach them directly with targeted push notifications. An app should be integrated with other tools at the company’s disposal, such as the website, both in terms of the user experience and the user interface.

At Tinext, we help companies being more effective with their mobile app strategy, making sure they provide a unified and consistent user experience, in concert with all digital touchpoints.

Consistent User experience and User interface for your mobile app

To create a successful app, it is important to pay attention to the user experience and the user interface, which must be consistent with the other touchpoints in your company’s digital ecosystem. An app designed for its users can pull in the audience, increase their visit times and build customer loyalty.

Manage your app content centrally with powerful CMS

Messages and features must be aligned and consistent across all digital touchpoints, with minimal effort for content editing and entry. CMS solutions can support in this crucial task of making web content accessible to your mobile app too. Having a clear CMS strategy will allow your company to fully integrate its app with other digital touchpoints, optimising resources and reducing content management times and costs.

Reach your customers with the right content, at the right time with in-app push notifications

Apps are an important communication channel. With push notifications, you can intensify the users’ experience of the app and increase revenue. To achieve such results, push notifications must be personalised with information that is genuinely interesting to the users, in the right stage of their customer journey.

Native, Hybrid, Headless… we can help you decide

While approaching mobile apps, companies are often confronted with the dilemma of being compatible with the highest number of devices, while keeping development costs low. Today, there are several development frameworks which come with different advantages and disadvantages. Tinext consulting services can help you in identifying the best solution for your needs and in governing the implementation of your mobile app, making sure it follows modern standards and best practices.

Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Digital Experience

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting team at your disposal with down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up a complete Digital Experience Strategy.