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Assess your digital maturity or the performances of your current solutions

Making sense of today’s digital martech landscape and vendor offerings is not an easy task. With Tinext you can go beyond software selection by assessing how your company is ready to undertake disruptive digital projects and solutions. This typically entails an in-depth analysis of multiple dimensions such as vision, technology, data, content, and operations. 

If you already embarked in a digital transformation project and you want to understand how your current CRM, CMS or Marketing Automation solution performs against the benchmark, Tinext also provides specific assessment and due diligence that take into account both technicalities of the implementation and business adoption. 

Digital Maturity Assessment

Before embarking in a CMS, CRM or marketing automation project, it is important to assess how ready and mature your company is to undertake such change. This awareness can avoid not just pitfalls in a software selection or implementation, but it can also prevent you from biting off more than you can chew, as well as from experiencing low levels of adoption after the implementation.

Salesforce optimisation

Your company has implemented Salesforce but it is not delivering on your expectations? Tinext can assess your current implementation and investigate the reasons for its low adoption or usage, coming up with practical suggestions to fix the implementation and turning Salesforce into a key tool for your business.

Content Management System Audit

Your company has implemented a CMS solution but you are not able to publish efficiently modern, engaging, and personalized content? Your website or intranet have performance and stability issues? Tinext can assess your current CMS implementation and provide you with practical advice to fix or upgrade your current CMS implementation and be equipped to fight in the modern digital battlefield.