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Faster business with software for integration platforms

Integration is one of the fundamental touchpoints of digital transformation, and it will be even more in the future. The lack of integration in companies is one of the main reasons digital transformation fails: siloed data, inefficient data management, multiple clouds and lack of communication between company departments are just some of the critical aspects of integration. This is why Tinext is at your disposal, providing marketing leading softwares such as MuleSoft.

APIs: connection between platforms and ecosystem

APIs are increasingly used by companies, both in IT departments and within lines of business (LOBs), due to the crucial role they play in creating connected ecosystems and agile business processes. To offer a rich user experience, it is essential that corporate websites, apps and portals are connected via APIs.

Full management of APIs life cycle

Integration Platforms allow you to manage APIs at every stage of their life cycle, from planning to retirement. For a full management of APIs complexity, it is crucial to have an efficient integration platform or API management tool. This includes planning, design, publication, operation, and versioning of APIs but also the estimation of their value and a full analysis of the patterns of API usage.

APIs security features

Market requests are increasingly sophisticated in terms of security, this is why the secure management of APIs must be guaranteed by the platform. An efficient APIs protection strategy uses both API Management and Web Application Firewalls, as well as a Distributed Enforcement Model for protection across your entire architecture.

Working with the best middleware and API management technologies

Tinext partners with some of the leading middleware and API management software and can flexibly advise based on your needs. We work with:


Thinking about an integration platform?

Our consulting and delivery teams are available to assess or rethink your current or future implementation.