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of all internet video traffic will be done on mobiles by 2021

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One need look no further than Netflix to see how media business models are changing thanks to digital. These changes can challenge even the industry leaders when it comes to adoption and management of new technology. One of the most notable changes in broadcasting relates to how people consume their media. Once upon a time, a few channels existed and these were consumed passively; today however there is active user engagement with news, media and broadcasting outlets as well as cross-device media consumption by users.



of consumer internet traffic is made up of video and audio


of millenials are subscribed to at least one streaming service


of visits to a publishers' site came directly from search engines


of Media and Entertainment executives are prioritizing the shift in digital transformation journey

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Tinext shapes content creation and delivery systems that are made for news outlets and broadcasters. Integrated perfectly with already-familiar systems for asset management, media libraries, content-creation systems and communications tools, we ensure that media teams have the right data at the right time, as well as having the systems in place to manage content delivery for today and for tomorrow. We ensure audiences have the smoothest journey through each and every contact point, always getting the most relevant information and content, from online journals to subscription pages to viewing programs online.

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