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New contents management and completely renewed graphics

Home Projects Cure-Naturali and its structural and graphic redesign is the De Agostini Editore website entirely dedicated to the world of wellness and natural living.

The site, property of DeAbyDay network, currently boasts a database of 80 thousand users and a social fan base with more than 250 thousand followers.

The website has been completely redesigned with the support of Tinext, both from a graphic and content management point of view.

The need for a more effective content management system, helped by Tinext, has set the goal to replace the previous CMS, which is too complex and not versatile, and redesigned all graphics, perfectly consistent with the network's flagship site, the women’s magazine

Graphic redesign and transfer of more than 20,000 editorial contents

The operational and graphic redesign of the website was aimed to ensure compliance with the values of the project, that are mainly represented by the editorial quality of the contents and the reliability of the information.

Tinext has involved the use of the CMS Magnolia 5, which is a technology that has allowed us to create a structure able to operate in an extremely competitive sector by enhancing the editorial efforts of the group and the platform editorial team.

The complete redesign involved the transfer of all editorial contents from the previous CMS custom to the new portal and was completed during a 7-months project and delivered on schedule, moving over 20,000 editorial contents without any negative impact on the organic search traffic. 

The brand new graphics allows a more immediate and intuitive consultation and an optimal space reserved for news only.

A video player and the creation of pages totally dedicated to this format have made it possible to enhance the contents internally developed by the factory and to expand the publishing offer.

The hub pages aggregate all contents according to specific editorial criteria. is now a very efficient website, easy to manage and which allows the editorial staff to work smoothly. 

An ambitious restyling for the number of contents to be reorganized realized with such a big involvement, rigour and great attention to the customer's needs at every stage of the project.

Federica Postiglione –
Content Production Manager

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