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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: be more relevant at every stage of your customer journey

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows marketers to map the customer journeys and to create automated 1-1 personalized marketing communications across multiple channels, like email, sms, in-app push notifications, advertising and social media.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can achieve advanced automation of marketing communications across the whole customer journey and optimise customer experience and level of engagement. By creating multichannel campaigns, you can get the most out of cloud-based services and data from every customer touchpoint.

Tinext will be by your side at every step, to understand how to capitalise on the potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost marketing effectiveness, increase productivity and improve the customer journey.

Already a Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer?

Our experienced team of consultants can help you get the most out of the tool by helping you strategizing on your journeys and even operating the platform.

Build personalised experiences with Journey Builder

Optimise each interaction with your customers, creating individual experiences. This will help you to take advantage of strategic marketing, linking all activities on the various channels to create a single, personalised journey with each user.

Unify marketing, services and sales

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, customer journey management is centralised, and data is used to improve the quality of interactions. With this advanced platform, you can unify and orchestrate all communications, boosting sales through marketing.

Send personalized email, SMS, push and in-app messages that deliver results

Carry out marketing on mobile devices, using personalised SMS, emails and messages. Create optimised systems for sales strategies, using data obtained from the omnichannel structure to automate all interaction processes on mobile devices. Reach your customers with personalized emails: create 1-1 data-based messages with Salesforce Email Studio, the market leader email marketing platform.

Integrate social media into your marketing strategy

Synchronise social channels and marketing strategies by monitoring every action. You can use data to offer a better support service, increasing conversions in an analytical way based on personalised objectives. With Salesforce  Social Studio you can easily publish on multiple social accounts and, listen and analyse by monitoring the performance of your social media management initiatives and the trends of your community.

Create effective and tailored advertising with Advertising Studio

Produce personalised campaigns through data analysis. Advertising is becoming individual, to optimise user engagement and align customers with services, increasing the effectiveness of digital advertising.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Datorama: a data-based marketing

With Datorama, part of Marketing Cloud Analytics, you can combine, analyze and optimize the data on which to base your marketing actions. Thanks to the integrated dashboards and ease of access to data, marketers will be able to base their actions on data-based insights, view how industry trends and compare how campaigns are performing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Salesforce Marketing Cloud positioned itself in Gartner Magic Quadrant. The market leading research and advisory company, called Salesforce a leader, thanks to its MMH (Multichannel Marketing Hub), which includes Advertising Studio, Audience Studio, Data Studio and several add-ons.

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