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A historic fragrance and fashion brand

One of the world’s most exclusive fragrance and fashion brands, Acqua di Parma has created signature scents for over 100 years. Part of LVMH since 2001, today the brand embodies an original concept of modern luxury through a network of nearly 300 sales outlets in 36 different countries.

Complex email campaigns in 5 languages for 19 different countries

Though Acqua di Parma had already carved out a high-end brand image on its website, it lacked the automated email personalisation required of fashion houses in today’s competitive digital market. More specifically, the company was looking for a robust program flexible enough to manage all its campaigns (for both brick and mortar boutiques and online shops) in 5 different languages across 19 European countries.

The new platform would need to be capable of sending copious DEM messages to customers each month using personalised templates, while including complex graphic customisations and automated deliveries. The deadline of execution is a tight one too with only 5 days to set up the campaign and plan the sending

Salesforce, customised emails and client training

The Acqua di Parma team chose Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Tinext’s campaign managed services to send messages in 5 languages to 19 different countries.

Such an intricate communications plan required a complex graphic component complete with comprehensive, customised management. Tinext rose to the occasion, and now sends nearly 850 marketing campaigns a year, reaching a 90% template compatibility rate with 81% of email providers. In addition, Acqua di Parma also launched a flow of personalised, automated messages, such as welcome emails and birthday greetings.

On the operational side, Tinext integrated the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud platforms, so they are now able to manage client data from a single platform
The marketing team benefits from a more precise customer view, simplifying and quickening customer service processes and helping the staff to analyse any given client’s data and purchase history.
Workflows are now streamlined, while email campaign performance can be analysed in-house for continuous, ongoing improvements.



Direct e-mail marketing campaigns (DEM) sent monthly


Compatibility with 81 email providers


Delivery Rate


Average Open Rate
vs 21.33% industry average


Average Click-Through-Rate
vs 2.63% industry average

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