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Live Chat and Video Chat software for the next generation customer center

In the digital age, it is important for companies to offer multi-channel support that overcomes the barriers of traditional contact centers. Adopting live and video chat software is key to increase customer engagement and improve customer experience. Contact Center solutions need to be taken to the next level with more personal features and human touches.

Proactive and Reactive Chat

A Live Chat and video Chat software should both support Reactive and Proactive Chat, reaching the customer with outbound dialling, push in-apps notifications, email and SMS. Typical contact center functionalities also include automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR): your customer will receive efficient customer support, independently from the channel used.

Full personalisation and integration of the live and video chat

Live chat and Video chat softwares allow a full integration and personalisation with all existing customer engagement and knowledge management systems. Through integration these customer support solutions will access customer data and be an effective support for virtual operations and issues solving.

Integration with the mobile channel and personalisation

Chat technologies can be integrated with mobile apps to provide an excellent customer experience on smartphones, tablets and potentially even smartwatches. Real-time services can be automatically configured to allow users to interact with customer services quickly.

Automate your customer service with Chatbots and Virtual agents

Support agents are increasingly being substituted with virtual agents or chatbots that are able to guide visitors with responses to frequently asked questions, helping reduce the loads on call center operators. When the request is out of reach for the chatbot, the interaction should be seamlessly transferred to a human so that the support request can be successfully finalized.

Working with the best Customer Support software

Tinext partners with some of the leading Customer Support software and can flexibly advise based on your needs. We work with:


Thinking about Live Chat or Chatbot?

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