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Customer Engagement with a Digital Twist

Phone and email have been the channels of choice for customer service. However, as the digital landscape matures, the way we communicate has evolved as well, starting with the introduction of live chat. Vivocha aims at evolving this form of customer engagement a step further. What Vivocha provides customers is more than just a real-time chat platform. With tools such as video and voice chat, as well as screen-sharing and collaboration tool, customers can have their needs met and exceeded in real-time from anywhere at any time.

Tapping into the potential of live customer service

Vivocha gives users the ability to offer live and proactive operator assistance to build customer loyalty. What's more, users can anticipate customer needs by deciding when and who to engage based on a wide variety of customizable rules. Enhance customer satisfaction and retention at a lower cost than email and telephone support.

So much more than live chat

An exemplary vendor as stated in multiple Gartner reports, Vivocha truly shines through its vast array of tools at your fingertips. Video and voice chat help humanize the customer experience, screen sharing makes processes simplar than ever for customers, and the collaboration tool allows for a more personal customer journey.

Untethered customer support

Vivocha gives customers the freedom to seek assistance wherever they are through mobile support. By including this feature in websites and apps, customer support operators can provide the same help to customers they would receive if they were on a desktop.