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Track user behaviour with Liferay Analytics Cloud

Liferay Analytics Cloud is an advanced technology that tracks user behaviour and is an ideal cloud-based solution for flexible and scalable businesses. Accurate and in-depth monitoring allows you to build personalised customer journeys to offer individual experiences based on analytics data and segmentation, natively connected to Liferay DXP.

It is an indispensable tool for digital marketing, helping you to create optimised digital strategies to maximise investments and improve business performance. You can also define bespoke KPIs, applying touchpoints to enhance digital experiences.

The main advantage of Liferay Analytics Cloud is that it allows you to extract nominal data with a user identification process that helps to develop dedicated insights. Each process is tracked precisely so that you can evaluate user engagement and satisfaction in real-time, with simplified business strategy management through a single centralised interface.

Already a Liferay Analytics Cloud customer?

If you are already a Liferay Analytics Cloud customer, but you are not making the most of its features, our teams are at your disposal to assist you in the collection and analysis of data.

Nominal data and fast, accurate tracking

With Liferay’s analytics technology, you can obtain nominal data on users, monitoring each activity in-depth. Profiles can be managed from a single overview, integrating the information from their account, third-party applications and ABM (Account-Based-Marketing) data for the B2B sector.

Asset Analytics: better and deeper reports and dashboards

With Liferay Analytics Cloud, you can monitor each activity, measuring engagement with all types of web content. The reports help you to decipher user behaviour, with personalised settings to analyse types of resources and assess the efficacy of interaction strategies, with contextualised information for the digital channel.

Actions developed directly from data

One of the key advantages of Liferay Analytics Cloud is the ability to build insight strategies, using data tracking and analytics to develop segments to improve the customer experience. Liferay Analytics segments are natively integrated with personalization capabilities of Liferay DXP, allowing you to take content personalization to the next level.