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Enhance customer service and customer engagement with the right solution

As part of a corporate strategy centred around the digital customer experience, it is crucial to manage your CRM for customer service optimally. The digital age has redefined the ways in which companies relate with customers and prospects, rewriting customer service rules. New technologies give users faster and easier access to information and have broadened the possibilities for interaction between users, sales teams and support.

At Tinext we partner up with Salesforce Service Cloud, Vivocha and other leading technologies to provide new generation, proactive,  and personalised customer services and support.

Customer service process optimisation

With an effectively deployed CRM, you can reduce case resolution times and increase the customer satisfaction rate, thanks to features like call routing, smart knowledge base, and artificial intelligence.

Serve your customers on multiple channels

Today’s customers expect to receive the same level of customer service independently from the channel used and to be able to move seamlessly from a channel to another. Phone, email, in-app, live chat, video chat, and social media are all channels to be integrated into a multi-channel support system.

Anticipate issues and needs with preventive maintenance

Thanks to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence we can nowadays predict systems faults and anticipate product issues by analysing patterns of usage and by integrating with connected products. Efficient customer support today means then resolving problems even before they arise by raising automatically preventive maintenance tickets.

Provide better management of field intervention.

This includes not only management of service appointments and reports but also capabilities to access and work on data remotely and on the go.

Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Digital Experience

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting team offers you down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up efficient and integrated CRM for customer service.

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