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Enjoy the advantages of integration with MuleSoft

MuleSoft is the world-leading integration platform that can quickly connect any enterprise system, app or device, be it in the cloud or locally. Following its acquisition by Salesforce, MuleSoft and its solutions are trusted by thousands of companies all over the world. This platform allows for a continuous and secure exchange of information between various endpoints and applications developed with different programming languages. The product can be considered central to the development of an efficient and effective corporate IT system.

API integration and management

MuleSoft is a market-leading solution that incorporates API integration and management, which really is the future for companies. Application Programming Interfaces (API) enable the creation of complex ecosystems of software that are faster, more flexible and more reliable. When you connect various apps with MuleSoft, it is faster to intervene if problems arise. This can save time and money on maintenance. With MuleSoft, you can also protect APIs and integrations with advanced systems by controlling access.

Enjoy the power of integration in your company

Having a unified platform for integrations is a big advantage to a company. With MuleSoft, you can connect any system, whether it is Salesforce or not, in the cloud or locally, on a unified system. Companies that use MuleSoft for Salesforce develop apps and integrations 57% faster.

Simple data management and analysis with MuleSoft

With MuleSoft, companies can enjoy many advantages, including enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs and increased revenue. MuleSoft allows companies to manage all corporate information and data with customisable dashboards and from a single interface, simplifying the integration design process.

MuleSoft is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

MuleSoft has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for API management and as an Enterprise Integration platform. Gartner has recognised MuleSoft as an engine for digital transformation, through which resources can be connected and reused on a scalable and flexible application network.