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Digital evolution for your CRM, DXP, and Marketing Automation

Digital technologies evolve fast. The same do customer behaviors and company strategies. This is why solutions like CRM, Marketing Automation or Digital Experience Platforms require continuous evolution and innovation to stay up to date with the most recent technology trends, consumer expectations, and company’s objectives.

Evolution and Innovation services from Tinext DX Consulting help companies in browsing changes, prioritizing digital initiatives and governing evolution roadmaps for their existing digital solutions.

Governance & centre of Excellence

Governance & centre of Excellence
Provide vision
Provide vision

Governance & Best Practices

Ensure Growth
Ensure Growth

Purpose-driven evolution

Maximise Efficiency
Maximise Efficiency

Framework & Reusable Components

Create Competence
Create Competence

Knowledge base

Build Skills
Build Skills

Training & Ramping

Digital Experience Innovation

Digital Experience Innovation and Governance programs are designed to support companies in continuously evolving their digital touchpoints, including websites, portals, Intranets and apps, starting from mapping user’s expectations across their journeys and company’s targets.

As part of Digital Experience Innovation programs we offer: 

  • Digital Center of Excellence  
  • KPIs and Reporting
  • DX Evolution Governance  
  • Training and Ramping 
  • DX Best Practices and Thought Leadership
  • CMS workflow and publication governance

CRM Innovation

CRM Innovation and solution governance programs are designed to support companies in continuously evolving their CRM solutions by coordinating and prioritizing initiatives from different departments and making sure execution is aligned with the overall company’s objectives. 

As part of CRM Innovation programs we offer: 

  • CRM Center of Excellence
  • Systems KPIs and Reporting 
  • CRM Evolution Governance 
  • Training and Ramping 
  • CRM Best Practices and Thought Leadership
  • CRM Usage and Adoption Analytics

Marketing Automation Innovation

Marketing automation innovation and governance programs are designed to support companies in continuously evolving their Marketing Automation solutions by ideating, coordinating and prioritizing initiatives related to data collection, automation journeys, and campaign management across multiple channels. 

As part of Marketing Automation Innovation programs we offer: 

  • Cross-channel Campaigns and Journeys co-ideation  
  • Marketing Automation Evolution & Roadmap Governance
  • Marketing Analytics, Insights and Reporting
  • Training