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Boost your online sales with Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce is a digital commerce platform that extends Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform), which can help you to coordinate your company’s e-commerce features. It is an intuitive program centred around the customer experience, to offer fully personalised customer experiences, with capabilities designed specifically for the B2B sector.

With Liferay Commerce, you can optimise digital sales processes, simplify the coordination of several channels and integrate third-party external applications and software. The CMS is user-friendly and scalable, so you can synchronise content with online shopping and maximise the potential of the digital world to increase the performance of your business.

With this advanced platform, you can improve all company sales processes, to build an innovative and fully integrated ecosystem. Liferay Commerce is the ideal solution for hybrid structures and an effective way to capitalise on the link between retail sales and online sales, creating a modern and efficient system for your digital transition.

Already a Liferay Commerce customer?

Our teams are at your disposal to help you manage and improve Liferay Commerce, to fully exploit the potential of the digital sales management platform.

Multi-store and multi-site catalogues and management

With Liferay Commerce, you can centralise the management of your business, coordinating all online stores and each sales channel from a single platform. You can also manage several e-commerce sites and websites from the same headless interface, synchronising B2B product catalogues to simplify digital sales activities.

Full personalisation for the end user

Liferay Commerce guarantees maximum personalisation of the customer experience, to offer individual shopping experiences. You can create bespoke product pages with content viewed based on the customer profile. The platform allows you to offer optimised resources to satisfy every requirement, with contextualised features based on the search.

Account management based on the customer

The Liferay e-commerce platform allows you to create dedicated accounts for user groups, to manage the customer shopping experience in a personalised way. You can provide products, catalogues, promotions and specific discounts for each audience while sharing similar accounts across all company sites.

Product Content Management

Liferay Commerce gives you full control over your content and products; it is an effective solution for modern omnichannel structures. You can create differentiated templates, product data sheet variants, downloadable attachments and complex systems for the immersive viewing of items. You can also sell physical products, digital products and services online.