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Manage customers, partners, and employees communities with Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is the enterprise community and portal management platform that connects customers, partners and employees directly to the information, apps and experts they need. With this extension to the Salesforce CRM (Sales or Service Cloud), you can display your CRM data with a portal.

Salesforce Community Cloud can be used by companies of any size that want to create customised community experiences for customers, partners and employees.

Already a Salesforce Community Cloud customer?

Our teams are available to help you manage and implement the Partner and Customer Communities to offer your partners and customers the best digital experience.

Partner Communities for B2B

Salesforce Community Cloud enables companies of all sizes to connect with their partners allowing them to become an integral part of the sales process. Indeed, through Salesforce Partner communities, CRM data can be made available to partners for sharing leads, sales, and account information along with performance data and dashboards.

Customer Communities for B2C

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to create communities for your end customers. With a private account, each customer can access its own personal information and content, customer services, and data from the CRM, allowing the possibility to self-serve and a higher engagement with a richer user and customer experience.

Data and performance analysis through reports and dashboards

With Salesforce Community Cloud, you can monitor and assess your partners’ performance, and share reports and customisable dashboards that are always aligned. Those partners can then share leads, documents and information with the company through the community.

Salesforce Community Cloud è leader nel Gartner Magic Quadrant

Salesforce Community Cloud si è posizionato nel Gartner Magic Quadrant. La società di ricerca e consulenza ha definito Salesforce Community Cloud un leader per le Digital Experience Platform, grazie alla sua visione completa e all’abilità di esecuzione. Gartner ha inoltre definito Salesforce Community Cloud una piattaforma potente, intelligente e personalizzabile, integrata con il CRM Salesforce.

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