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Salesforce Sales Cloud: the sales CRM for B2B customers

Sales Cloud is the latest-generation Salesforce platform to manage and optimise sales in your company, improving the performance of your sales departments in the B2B sector and increasing the conversion rate in a simple and efficient way. The application is based on artificial intelligence technologies, to automate repetitive activities and speed up every sales service. With the power of the cloud, you can benefit from a scalable system at a lower cost of ownership and with a high level of customisation.

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers smart systems to accelerate the digital transformation of your business, coordinating each activity in a centralised manner. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly manage each activity, improving sales processes and the analysis of results.

With this technology, you can build solid processes based on your company’s needs, monitoring each stage from acquiring leads to closing the sale. You can also implement services to build customer loyalty, including cross-selling and upselling.

Already a Sales Cloud customer?

Our teams are on hand to offer you advice or manage your Sales Cloud platform, to optimise and perfect your company’s sales processes.

Smarter and easier sales

Simplify your sales reps’ work, integrating Sales Cloud with your internal and external applications. It makes conversions simpler and improves sales processes with faster, smarter and more streamlined procedures. Synchronise your sales channels, optimising communication and interaction with customers to increase turnover.

CRM customisation

Create individual sales processes to optimise efforts and boost the team’s results. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, every journey can be personalised so that you can offer unique and differentiated buying experiences. You can also monitor every step, to optimise customer loyalty with focused intervention. Sales Cloud allows you to choose how you sell your products and services, and you can customise every aspect of the platform to achieve pre-established objectives. The structure enables you to implement smart working, making it easy for your team to work remotely and improving the performance of sales advisers working on mobile devices.

Sales tools based on artificial intelligence

Sales Cloud is the ideal tool to automate sales, capitalising on the potential of modern cloud systems and the most innovative artificial intelligence technologies. Processes are no longer random and you can plan sales activities with predictive features and harmonised forecasts, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Full integration with other technologies

The Salesforce CRM can be integrated with almost any technology to create a modern and flexible multichannel infrastructure. At the same time, you can break down barriers and promote interaction between sales and customer service teams, for stable global growth in the long term.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Salesforce Sales Cloud positioned itself in Gartner Magic Quadrant as a leader for Salesforce Automation. Gartner defined Sales Cloud a “foundational technology implemented to automate an organization’s core sales processes”.

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