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Salesforce Analytics: a complete data analytics to provide insights and reports.

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A data-based business with Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce Analytics allows you to collect data from all systems and base your business moves on it. With this tool, you can have all the information you need directly in Salesforce without installing software and hardware. You can do everything on a single platform without having to use several systems and accesses. Salesforce Analytics can analyse data from any device. Data can automatically give you the answer to various enterprise problems.

Already a Salesforce Analytics customer?

If you are already a Salesforce customer but you are not confident that you are leveraging the full potential of Analytics, our teams and business analytics consultants are on hand to help you manage the reports and capitalise on the insights available from the data.

Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is a business intelligence software that collects all the information that Salesforce obtains from various channels and produces useful analytics and solutions for the enterprise. This enables data analysis in the various areas of the business to improve performance.

Einstein Analytics allows you to explore data, discover trends and draw conclusions quickly and flexibly. With Einstein Analytics, you can create better, more in-depth reports that are dynamic and interactive so that you can better understand the data. You can also create presentations and proposals, as well as communicate results and ideas to the team.

Einstein Analytics: not just data thanks to AI

Einstein Analytics is based on transparent artificial intelligence models that analyse the data collected and provide precious insights on what action to take. This tool allows you to have a personalised analysis based on the needs of your business. This means that you can take action on your expenditure or revenue, to optimise results.


Datorama is a marketing app that connects and analyses all data on a single dashboard for all campaigns. This allows you to increase your ROI and make faster decisions, favouring the growth of your company. Datorama can be used in both B2B and B2C contexts. Datorama can also be used with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for reports on multichannel marketing activities.


Tableau is a self-service analytics platform used by over 86,000 companies across the world, including Verizon and Netflix. It offers highly intuitive tools that allow professionals who may not be very familiar with analytics language to read and understand the data effectively.

Salesforce Analytics is leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Salesforce Commerce Cloud positioned itself in Gartner Magic Quadrant. The market-leading research and advisory company, called Salesforce a leader for Analytics and BI platforms.

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