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Automation of social media management with Social Media Management software

With all the social media potential, companies should take advantage of the right social media software to create and maintain their presence even in digital social environments.

Social Media Management Software helps you participate in social conversations through different features and actions, such as social listening, quality content publishing, reports and analytics capabilities. At Tinext we partner with Salesforce Social Studio, one of the most advanced systems on the market.

Automated management from a single platform

Social Media Management software helps to simplify the management of social media publishing and scheduling, using a single platform to speed up the process. Scheduling your posts on different social networks allows you to publish at the peak times, when your customers are more active. This will help your teams save time and focus on the social media strategy.

Data analytics and social media monitoring

Social Media Management platforms allow you to analyse user interactions, using pixels and monitoring tools to track communication on social media. The information is organised on personalised dashboards so that you can study data with detailed overviews and systems. Artificial intelligence technologies, such as Einstein in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio, allow you to gain accurate insights to create optimised content and services guided by data from customised reports.

Beyond Social Media: multichannel marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management tools are even more successful when deployed in concert with other tools - like email, SMS, in-app notifications - to create consistent multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Tinext can support you to envision an overall multi-channel marketing strategy to deliver consistent messages across multiple and automated marketing journeys.

Thinking about a Social Media Management tool?

Our consulting and delivery teams are available to assess or rethink your current or future implementation.