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Provide optimal digital experiences with a DXP solution

In an ever-changing market, winning companies are those that make their customers’ digital experience a priority of their business. The adoption of a DXP software is therefore a fundamental touchpoint of digital transformation. A DXP is a unified product applicable to multiple types of business: you will be able to provide a satisfying digital experience to your users, whether they are customers, partners or employees. Platforms like Liferay DXP are integrated and cohesive technologies that allow you to compose, manage and optimise digital experiences.

DXP software: create a digital multi-experience

Composition, management and delivery of a multichannel digital experience. With DXP you will be able to manage different types of content, whether textual or graphic, on different devices. You will offer customers, employees and partners a seamless and personalized digital experience.

Towards Headless: Importance of API-driver ecosystem

A market-leading DXP must provide native production and consumption APIs that are extensible and interoperable, to be woven into existing enterprise architecture. One of the great benefits of the API-driven ecosystem is headless: through the API, content is delivered, as a service, on different channels and devices throughout the customer journey separating the content from its presentation.

DXP trends: Cloud and AI

DXP infrastructures are more and more being moved to the cloud, to leverage the many benefits of cloud hosting, like scalability, security, and computational power. Such power is also being leveraged to add AI capabilities to the system, to help editors in automatic assets tagging and to automate personalized experiences. 

Working with the best Digital Experience platforms

Tinext partners with some of the leading DXP and can flexibly advise based on your needs. We work with:


Add vision to execution with our consulting services on Digital Experience

Digital transformation is not only about implementing new software and technology. That’s why Tinext consulting teams are at your disposal with down-to-earth consulting and practical advice to set up a Digital Experience Strategy.

Thinking about a DXP?

Our consulting and delivery teams are available to assess or rethink your current or future implementation.