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Design companies rely on Tinext for help creating and implementing their vision for the digital experience of their customers. But our work in the design industry is about much more than creating websites.



Designer goods in a digital world

In an industry whose emotive content is a core sales driver, consumer experience in the digital sphere is fundamental. How exactly can brands transmit the emotion of the showroom to their online presence? Some technologies are trending now, 3D web tools, for instance, but are these right for you? Not only that, but once online visitor numbers increase, there arises the consequent need to manage greater numbers of orders and more complex shipping and delivery tracking systems. All the while, customer expectations, both pre- and post-sale are increasing, adding more urgency to the challenges of today.



of smartphone users consult their phones while in a store deciding what to buy


of customers researching products online before purchasing them in-store


increase in mobile commerce

Designer digital experience

Tinext provides design brands with the tools they need to turn challenge into opportunity. From user-engagement and automated marketing tools on the front end, to the database integrations, e-Commerce development and next-generation business management tools on the back, we ensure that the experience brands offer their consumers is a true and beautiful reflection of the ethos and values that design brands hold so close to their hearts.

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