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Founded in 1985 as Liviana Conti S.r.l., today Abraham Industries is the parent company for brands such as Liviana Conti, Erika Cavallini, Semicouture and Circus Hotel. With offices in Santarcangelo di Romagna and Milan, its clothing lines are found in the most important markets around the globe.

Uniting e-commerce and physical retail

Abraham Industries was looking for a platform that would allow it to make the relationship with customers interactive and personalised, thereby improving e-commerce performance without the need for a large team of experts.
In order to enable cross-channel processes, a single platform powerful enough to manage activities at brick-and-mortar points of sale and online shops for 3 out of 4 of their brands was necessary.

Abraham Industries had three specific objectives in mind, which were to increase sales, engagement & loyalty and boost lead generation.

A two-pronged strategy in one marketing tool

To meet the established performance objectives, we created a two-pronged strategy applied slightly differently for each brand, all managed through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The first approach involved maximising the impact of brand emails, making them marketing-data driven and communicating in real time with customers to increase sales and ROI. For two brands (Liviana Conti and Semicouture), we configured the system to send regular multi-language DEM and we set up welcome and happy birthday emails – both automated. Abraham Industries was then able to analyse customer behaviour in its online shop to get to know preferences and tastes, eventually sending consumers personally tailored emails to encourage sales, making sure each user feels unique and at the centre of the company’s attention.

In order to increase brand awareness and customer retention, the various labels hold events in-store, participation in which requires advance registration, created by the client in Marketing Cloud. Once these prospects are enrolled, they automatically receive an invite, a follow-up pre-event, and a post-event thank you message. As a result, users get a memorable customer experience, to the benefit of sales, both online and in Abraham Industries’ brick-and-mortar boutiques.



A unique platform
to manage different brands


Increase in sales conversions


Delivery Rate


Average Open Rate
vs 18% industry average


vs 3% industry average


Conversation Rate
vs 1% industry average

Marketing Cloud is a useful, essential tool for interacting with clients. It allows you to create automated messages and simple, effective customer journeys to increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience. The competitive advantage of this platform is that the management of marketing activities is fully automated with minimum integration by IT.

Federica Pellesi –
CRM specialist

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