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A catwalk into the future of business solutions

Fashion companies like to stay ahead of the curve, not just in terms of trends and style, but in terms of digital platforms as well. With 40 years of history, 2.6 billion in annual turnover and 6,500 employees, this luxury and ready-to-wear fashion brand was looking to apply its innovative thinking to digital business solutions.

A digital platform to streamline business workflows

With more than 2,200 sales points in 46 countries, this Italian fashion brand was experiencing a few growing pains as its organisational departments, ERP systems and corporate and regulatory policies were becoming complex and overly complicated. Workers throughout the organisation were having a hard time finding and leveraging documents and other assets in order to make informed business decisions.

To address these challenges, upper management set its sights on the creation of a centralised, unified information grid to allow in-house users full access to documents, anywhere and at any time. This would include a standards-compliant Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that integrated business content with the existing SAP ERP, and a systems integrator with robust experience in strategic ECM implementation.

A custom-made look, well-suited for business management

Tinext began by conducting a needs analysis, looking at the existing architecture and listening to requests and requirements, taking the measurements of the client, so to speak. We then drew a made-to-measure pattern, a comprehensive solution that addressed existing issues but also leveraged the existing investment in SAP ERP.

The new solution fully harnesses the power of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, delivering clear, automated, enterprise-wide governance whilst also enabling users to access unstructured content and structured business procedures, anywhere and on any device. Paper and digital documents are captured, records are managed, data is organised and archived, and internal and external teams have the space they need for effective, efficient collaboration.

Thanks to Tinext, we now have a state-of-the-art digital workplace. Their solution has given us a comprehensive, single-window view of business activity across departments and functions.

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