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Costa Edutainment: data assessment and a personalised Customer Journey

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Data Strategy and Customer Experience optimization

Costa Edutainment is a leading Italian company that manages public and private sites dedicated to recreational, cultural, educational, study and scientific research activities, such as the Aquarium of Genoa, the Parco Oltremare (Aquapark), Italy in Miniature and many more. With C-Way, the tour operator that handles incoming traffic to its sites, Costa Edutainment offers personalised tours, not just in the various cities where its sites are based but all across Italy.

Tinext’s strategy and technology consulting helped the company to create a Data Strategy and lay the foundations for the implementation of an Omni Channel Customer Experience Strategy.

The need for a more effective data management system

With Tinext’s help, after deploying the technology stack (Service & Marketing Cloud), implementing the marketing database and the single Customer View, Costa Edutainment set itself the strategic objective of developing an Omni Channel Customer Experience, to improve its use of data, optimise its marketing campaigns and establish its Customer Care service.

The new concept, which was based on the Customer Life Cycle Approach, was made possible thanks to strategic and operational support from Tinext.

Improved data collection and personalisation of the customer journey

Costa Edutainment’s first requirement was to improve its marketing campaigns so that users would be monitored and stimulated at every stage of their visit. The company’s initial need to create a comprehensive and varied offering for B2B or B2C customers like schools, extended to the construction of a database containing customer data, whether they be loyal or foreign customers.

This project began in November 2019 and saw Tinext involved on both a strategic and operational front, integrating various skills and tools. In the initial phase, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform was used to create communications campaigns, which the Tinext team oversaw from a consulting and implementation perspective, and to develop personalised offers by identifying individual buyers and their spending habits.

At this point, it became clear that there were some issues with data collection and analysis, which required a technical assessment to complete the data flow. Despite not being involved with the initial integration with the existing tools, Tinext helped to make data collection from various channels fruitful, as well as to build reports and databases on which future marketing strategies could be based.

Data collection and the development of marketing campaigns allowed Costa Edutainment to offer its customers a personalised experience before, during and after their visit, for example by sending them materials and details of new initiatives via SMS and email through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Effective data collection also enabled Tinext to improve Costa Edutainment’s customer care service with Salesforce Service Cloud, which gave the company a complete view of each user and allowed for fast and productive work on all customer care channels.

Tinext’s consulting approach

Tinext’s approach was fundamental to achieving the customer’s objectives: as well as offering technical support, it also provided strategy consulting based on the company’s specific business needs. It was Tinext’s contribution to the strategy that made it clear that intervention was needed on the technical side of things to complete the data that the company considered necessary to understand the needs of its target audience. In terms of consulting, Tinext’s approach was fundamental to the project being profitable for the customer and being able to develop on a continuous basis.

Thanks to the results achieved and the relationship of trust established between Costa Edutainment and Tinext, Tinext is still supporting nowadays Costa Edutainment with the creation and implementation of its campaigns and is involved with new releases and implementing new features.

We are very happy; we have found a strategic partner for our Group with whom we can tackle important future challenges.

Reliability, commitment, technical competency and strategic know-how were the blend of qualities that allowed us to finalise deployment of the technology stack and to embark on an internal journey to adopt technology that we can trust and that gives us peace of mind, in the awareness that we are only on the initial phase of the journey.

Vincenzo Pisano –
Digital Manager CE Group

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