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A banking beacon from Kuwait

NBK is Kuwait’s first local bank, with a presence not just in the nation where it was founded, but also internationally in Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, the UK, France, Switzerland, the USA, Singapore and China.

Seeking an experienced digital partner

NBK was looking to renew its company website, along with its custom-built web content management (WCM) infrastructure. For the latter, the client sought a secure, enterprise-grade WCM solution robust enough to cope with cutting-edge digital trends that would also be 100% scalable to accommodate future needs. Moreover, the client was in search of an experienced business partner with local and international experience, knowledgeable about the challenges of web-based digital marketing in the banking industry.

An efficient CMS for an engaging, easy-to-use marketing platform

The solution provided by Tinext introduced Magnolia CMS as the corporate business platform to centrally manage NBK’s digital presence. Integrated with legacy systems and adaptive enough to meet future needs, employees can now easily manage documents, web posts and notifications, with full control over customisations and a resulting boost in productivity and user engagement.

By making Magnolia NBK’s digital marketing platform, the company benefits from fully-fledged enterprise CMS software that ships with a complete set of out-of-the-box features (personalisation, multi-language content, and a compatible platform), backed by Tinext’s years of experience in the industry.

Thousands of customers around the world, multiple languages, time zones, expectations and points of view: yet Tinext managed to provide us with the tools to satisfy them all under one roof. Moving forward, we’re excited to benefit from the expertise Tinext has offered us and get to know our customers on an even deeper level.

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