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A unique Islamic banking experience

Known as the first true Islamic bank, Kuwait Finance House was founded in 1977 and has become a staple for regionally-compliant banking. With an international presence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia and Germany, KFH has cemented itself as one of the leading specialized banks worldwide.

Seeking a scalable WCM for the future

KFH’s goal was to renew the company website along with its custom web content management (WCM) infrastructure. To keep up with the digital trends on the horizon yet also be entirely scalable for requirements that may arise in the future, the client sought a secure, enterprise-grade WCM solution. Moreover, KFH was in search of a knowledgeable business partner with experience nationally and beyond its borders, with insight into the challenges of web-based digital marketing in the banking sector.

The power of a new, integrated, enterprise-ready platform

To centrally manage KFH’s digital presence, Tinext introduced Magnolia CMS as its corporate business platform, making it possible for employees to easily manage documents, web posts and notifications, with absolute control over every last detail. Not only has the new platform ushered in a boost in productivity and user engagement, but it is also completely integrated with legacy systems and adaptive enough to meet future needs.

With Magnolia as a digital marketing resource, KFH is already seeing the benefits of a fully-fledged enterprise CMS program delivered with a robust set of out-of-the-box features, such as personalisation, multi-language content and a compatible platform.

From day one, Tinext was attentive to our requests and the specific requirements of our sector and our style of banking. They combined their expertise in web design and content marketing platforms to help us engage digital natives and digital immigrants alike, all across the globe.

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