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The digital side of a Banking Merge

EFG international is one of the largest Swiss private banks that offers a first-class financial expertise in private banking and wealth management serving customers in three continents.On April 7th 2017 EFG merged with BSI, the largest foreign bank active in Switzerland and abroad, giving birth to EFG International a solid platform of premium services for private banking and wealth management. EFG International is now the 5th largest private bank in Switzerland.

A brand new digital presence live in only four months

Tinext supported the two banks in the whole process of creating a new digital presence delivering in only four months a brand new digital platform throughout a start-to-end process that encompassed analysis, architecture, UX design, development, integrations, training, support and deploy on a private cloud platform fully managed by Tinext on the tier 3+ Tinext datacenter.

An multi-tenant implementation hosted on a Swiss private cloud

Tinext developed a multi-tenant implementation for the main bank website and the worldwide company’s subsidiaries and branches that encompass 22 websites. the main and master website accommodates the contents coming from the two previous EFG and BSI websites presenting them in a modern and more accessible fashion.

The main website enables a straightforward access to all the detailed information about services and investments solutions offered by the bank and targeted by segment (individual or business).

The platform has been designed to simplify the creation of a new dedicated website (i.e. for a new market or for a specific purpose) starting from an existing set of templates, components and functionalities. This feature makes editors autonomous in website creation and ensures the compliance with the corporate guidelines.

The full infrastructure is hosted on a private cloud located at the Tinext Tier 3 datacenter in Switzerland.



Months start-to-finish


Websites on a unique platform


Faster new websites creation


Swiss Private Cloud on a 27001 certified Tier III DC

We were able to launch 20 websites in a couple of month and on a brand new CMS, setting the basis for additional improvements in EFG’s digital communication activities. From every angle: project management, development, infrastructure,  DNS management and support, Tinext provided us with an excellent service, reacting very fast to each of our requests.

Gianluca Balò –
Group Marketing

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