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The challenge of a global market

The Agenzia Turistica Ticinese (ATT) is the main tourist agency of the Canton Ticino that promotes, develops and implements the cantonal tourist strategy and coordinates local tourism activities as well as the development of supra-regional tourism projects aimed at the main geographical markets: Europe, Russia, China, United States, Canada and India.

Digital all along

Since the end of the 1990s the Ticino Tourist Company has defined and pursued a forward-looking communication and promotion strategy that mainly uses the digital channel, endeavoring to find new languages ​​to communicate the destination to an increasingly diversified, global and digitalized public.

The rebranding project started in 2016 and launched in 2018 has substantially revolutionized the communication of the destination using a narrative approach that tells visitors about the multiple experiences that the territory can offer.

This new way of communicating required a strong integration of communication between all the different channels as well as the strengthening of the most central of all: the digital channel and its keystone: the destination site.

The Experience to tell the territory

Overcoming oneself is the most difficult challenge: for ATT and Tinext with a long history of collaboration behind it was a new destination portal not only modern and aligned to the new brand but even more engaging for the visitor, a real starting point for the decision and organization of a holiday in Ticino.

A further element of complexity: the migration of contents and the maintenance of the trend of traffic growth that increases on average of about 20% every year.

These challenges are demands for different work in play, flexibility and management.

In just seven months the Tinext team got to know a project that included a substantial revision of the front-end, the migration to the Magnolia version and numerous integrations at various levels, up to a go-live that was oriented to the maximum preservation of SEO positioning .

The editorial team of 15 multi-language editors benefits from a more effective and flexible tool which allows for a stronger community collaboration even for temporary workers. 

In addition to the project partnership, Tinext is also an ATT partner for the infrastructure that hosts the Ticino portal and all the different destinations, guaranteeing 24X7 support, continuity and scalability to face the global challenges. 



months to realize the project


increase in organic traffic


multi-language editors


Dedicated Infrastructure
on Private Cloud



Tinext has been supporting Ticino Turismo for many years on many digital aspects, especially on the channel. With the revamping of the new Brand Identity, we have been going a step further to offer our end users high quality contents while guaranteeing easiness of use and speed of actions for editors in Magnolia CMS.

Luca Preto –
Head of Digital

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