Lamberti Spa

  • July 2009

Renewal of the website look, contents and functionalities to offer users complete information.


Lamberti Spa, an Italian company founded in 1911, is active in the field of chemical products, and is the leader of a corporation whose turnover amounts to about 370 million Euro (2007). The Lamberti corporation is active on the Italian territory, and has its offices and subsidiaries also abroad.


Renew the website look, contents, and functionalities to offer users complete information and allow easy navigation. In addition, the the website had to feature an easy-to-use content management tool.


Tinext has created a very refined website with a distinctive and linear graphics and images having a significant emotional impact.
The technology used for this site is X-CMS framework, the contents management system developed by Tinext.X-CMS framework is a complete Web Content Management (WCM) system: it is rich in functionalities, versatile and has an excellent cost-performance ratio.


  • Dynamic management of contents using X-CMS frame work solution
  • Autonomous and continuous website update
  • Improved navigability
  • Totally browser-based solution
Customer: Lamberti SA
Goal: New website
Technology: XCMS
Year: 2009