AIL (Aziende Industriali di Lugano) SA

  • December 2006

Renew the company website and increase the functionalities avaliable for customers.


AIL SA, whose 100% of capital share is owned by the Comune di Lugano, is the most important water, gas and electricity distributor in Tessin canton. AIL SA employs about 240 people and has a turnover of 160 millions Francs.

Customer's needs

Renew the company website and increase the functionalities available for customers.
Have an approval process of the contents integrated in the portal's functionalities so that each author can manage only the contents of his own competence.
Easily publish news, press releases, and photo galleries of events.


Creation of the new portal by using the Livelink WCM Server technology.
Contents can be easily updated by its authors; no specific technical competence is necessary.
Renewed design of the web site, with images that vary according to the season and that get updated automatically (no need for the company to intervene).
Maps of the towns created with Flash and pictures gallery that can be personalized.


Scalabitity: the portal can be easily extended in order to satisfy future needs like the chance of integrating the portal with the Extranet. For example, this would allow the clients to consult their invoices or update their personal data.

Customer: AIL (Aziende Industriali Lugano)
Goal: Internet portal
Technology: Livelink WCM Server
Year: 2006