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How to improve the customer experience with big data

These days, data is a company’s most precious resource as it offers a series of benefits if used correctly. It is fundamental to integrate internal silos, reducing the barriers between departments and increasing the accessibility of the information.

At the same time, there is a need to capitalise on new artificial intelligence technologies to automate the collection and analysis of these resources. No less important is the creation of personalised company KPIs to monitor all strategies and activities, from marketing to sales.

How to use data and remove internal barriers

In the last three years, there has been an exponential increase in the quantity of data available to companies, information obtained from various digital channels. For example, it can come from social media, websites, mobile apps, customer service, surveys and pre- and post-sale support.

All this information must be collected and processed efficiently by implementing adequate technical solutions. In particular, archiving and analysis must be centralised, after which the data must be accessible to all company departments, creating a real 360° view of our customer thanks platform like Salesforce.

That is why it is essential to break down the barriers between departments, drawing attention away from internal competition and towards the achievement of company objectives. Removing any cultural, structural and technological obstacles allows you to reduce costs and improve productivity, not only in some specific departments but across the entire company.

How to reconcile privacy and the customer experience

The collection and analysis of customer data, obtained from various sources, requires special attention to be paid to user privacy. According to multiple studies, most people are happy to provide their personal data to companies so that they can offer them a personalised experience.

To encourage users to share their data, you must first convince them and then increase their faith in you. Therefore, communicate how their data will be processed. It must be transparent, and customers should have control over it. Making customers aware of the multiple advantages of data sharing, all resulting on better customer service.

To achieve this, it is critical to comply with GDPR legislation, the European regulations that protect users. It is also necessary to optimise the customer journey, i.e. the customers’ experience on all channels through which they have contact with the company. Greater personalisation can be achieved by integrating software such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to offer users what they want at the right time.

How to improve the customer experience using data

Enhancing your customers’ experience requires a comprehensive strategy. First of all, the collection of information must be optimised by increasing the efficiency of big data acquisition. Moreover, the synchronisation of the various applications, platforms and service, enabling contact with the customer, is vital. Finally, you should be careful not to overlook any available channels.

The second step is to invest in data analysis, adopting artificial intelligence technologies that allow for better analysis of large quantities of information. Resources must be accessible throughout all company departments, from marketing to sales, from customer service to promotions. Internal processes must be perfected so that they are not competing with each other; they should be focused on achieving the company objectives.

It is fundamental to automate these processes, using various company KPIs to measure ROX, Return On Experience more accurately. This indicator is hard to assess; however, in this day and age, it is essential for any business. It requires the use of personalised metrics, such as conversion rate, engagement rate and information from surveys (Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score).

The creation of a large-scale personalisation process is indispensable, as it enables companies to create a unique relationship with each customer by enhancing profits, improving strategies and reducing costs. This is made possible with the help of artificial intelligence technologies by integrating evolved software that enables the appropriate execution of every process. In refers to experts to ensure that these systems are quickly implemented in the company’s infrastructure.

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