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The need for effective and profiled marketing communications

Sorgenia is the leading digital energy company in Italy, specialising in the supply of gas and electricity on the free market. Thanks to a recent agreement with Open Fiber, it began to offer network services too, offering fibre-optic Internet connection to existing active gas and electricity customers.

Sorgenia enlisted Tinext to optimise its marketing communications relating to this new service, with the aim of facilitating data management and making its marketing strategies more effective and personalised, requiring highly accurate profiling.

The first steps: improve data management and retrieval

Tinext’s support was centred around optimising the Italian utility company’s CRM. The company’s requirements were to simplify the management of customer data, make data easier to retrieve and improve marketing activities, to offer Sorgenia users the speed of fibre with personalised offers.
Sorgenia’s internal business system posed various problems in terms of making the management and retrieval of data more efficient. Sorgenia’s business systems already included Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but it was not possible to easily merge the date to create personalised customer journeys.

Offer personalised customer journeys with a more manageable CRM

Tinext’s work for Sorgenia was focused on developing a more manageable CRM by adding Salesforce Service Cloud, to ensure the complete and efficient collection of data and native communication with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Combining Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud enabled the company to build a more efficient and easy-to-manage CRM and customer engagement strategy, aided by the integration activities that facilitated interaction between the pre-existing business systems and the technologies implemented later. This made it possible to merge knowledge of the customer with the Salesforce systems, so that the data could be filtered and used to develop personalised marketing strategies and journeys.

Tinext: the ideal partner for consulting and implementation expertise

Thanks to Tinext’s expertise in operations, consulting and strategy, significant results were achieved in just a few weeks of work. By implementing an efficient CRM and integrating Sorgenia’s business systems and the Salesforce technology, Sorgenia now has an optimal data management and profiling system to create personalised marketing campaigns. This has enabled the company to save time and facilitated work on enhancing marketing campaigns with more accurate and focused targeting and engaging, personalised journeys.

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