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Breaking down barriers in the manufacturing sector

Industry 4.0 is profoundly transforming the manufacturing sector, with the implementation of new technologies that can improve the efficiency of production processes. These innovations can raise profit margins, but to survive in an increasingly competitive market it is crucial to increase revenue, an objective that can be achieved by focusing on customer services.

How to reduce costs by improving customer services

An important factor for companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, is cost control. It is particularly crucial to optimise spending, adopting multichannel models and implementing modern digital systems. This helps to reduce customer service costs, simultaneously improving the quality of the service provided.

This requires an adequate digital structure to be built, to make information accessible to customers, which they must be able to find and consult in a simple, fast and, most importantly, personalised manner. Doing so frees up resources in customer service teams so that they can be utilised in other departments, for instance to strengthen sales and marketing activities.

A dynamic system enables information from each channel to be connected, providing valuable data to the various company departments, which is useful when planning adequate strategies to improve the business model. The digital publication of information on products and services can also enhance customer loyalty, an extremely important factor in the manufacturing sector.

The advantages of optimising the customer experience

When information is collected from various departments and added to an integrated structure, companies are able to focus on optimising services linked to the customer experience.

One of the most significant advantages of this approach is improving the products themselves.

Data can be used to create higher quality products that are more aligned with the customers’ requirements, to reduce development and testing costs. Therefore, launching products onto the market with having a better chance of success. Interactions can also generate useful feedback for the marketing and sales teams, which can be used to perfect operational strategies.

The use of digital solutions to increase the quality of customer services can have various effects. Firstly, it is possible to increase turnover, allowing you to regain control of your sales processes, incorporating them back into the company, or offering structured data to partners so that results can continuously grow.

At the same time, this strategy strengthens the brand’s positioning, giving the brand more visibility, which can attract new customers. Focusing on the customer experience, therefore, ensures a significant reduction in costs, increased revenue and optimisation of your business model, giving you a superior competitive edge over your competitors.

Tinext can help your company to stand out in the manufacturing sector by implementing innovative multichannel digital technologies to enhance the customer experience through each company process.

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