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The employee experience: the new challenge to improve customer relations

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The final frontier when it comes to optimising the relationship between a company and its customers is looking after the employee experience, a new concept based on the system of “symmetry of attention”.

Customer advisers play an increasingly important role for companies, especially those that place customer satisfaction at the heart of their business. To improve customer relations, and perfect the link between the brand and communication of the brand values, an integrated service must be offered that supports sales and customer care.

This hybrid model requires more attention to be paid to the relationship with customers and partners, making it possible to perfect the customer experience and increase company productivity.

What are the advantages of more interaction with employees?

It is essential to create optimal working conditions in companies, taking into account factors such as employee wellbeing, integrated services and the working environment. The best solution is the startup model, which features flexible structures, a high level of internal interaction and a dynamic environment, removing redundant activities and excessive workloads.

Information must be managed efficiently, employing new technologies to break down barriers between departments and encourage greater access by every member of the company. The most effective option is a multichannel structure that integrates web platforms, apps, social media and every other system for the collection, processing and analysis of data from customer interactions.

What are the advantages of more interaction with employees?

Improving employee working conditions allows you to optimise your relationship with your customers. The company must, therefore, ensure adequate training, full access to information, and interaction between all departments.

Employee feedback is useful to understand where and how to take action, showing concern for employees’ satisfaction and encouraging them to express their opinions.

Sharing information can optimise their work, improving customer relations by perfecting each company process, from product creation to problem solving.

Simplifying employees’ work allows them to concentrate on other activities, with marketing and sales strategies that include cross-selling and up-selling.

Find out how to improve customer relations by enhancing your employees’ experience at your company.

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