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A modern take on Emilian tradition

Dispensa Emilia is a young and dynamic restaurant chain that is rapidly expanding, with 30 restaurants located all throughout Central and Northern Italy and a significant plan in place for new openings. The brand's mission has always been to combine the quality of Emilian tradition with the added value of a fast and attentive service.

Digitalising processes to build a customized relationship

In the first few months of 2020, Dispensa Emilia chose to take advantage of the outbreak of COVID-19 in order to digitize its processes with the key objective of ensuring a personalized and memorable customer experience, across all of the touchpoints.


As its partner in this process, Dispensa Emilia chose Tinext for its experience in the food & beverage industry and on Salesforce solutions.

Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud for an integrated experience

In the initial assessment, Tinext helped Dispensa Emilia to analyse the existing processes and define the strategy to be followed. The architecture and requirements of the new digital infrastructure were also defined.


To achieve the objectives set and provide customers with a seamless and customized experience, Tinext integrated Salesforce Solutions with the client's existing systems: the App and the management and till system.


Service Cloud was assigned the role of the master database, enabling a 360-degree view of all the customers’ interactions with the company: having a single source of truth allows the customer care team to be armed with the right information and use them via the Service Console to provide a great experience.

Marketing Cloud was also configured and customized to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple channels. The app Dispensa remained the primary channel for lead generation and customer profiling: with data-driven insights into customer interests and behaviours, Dispensa Emilia can now personalize its push notification, engaging with customers more intuitively. 

With Salesforce integration and the valuable support of Tinext, we have built a digital ecosystem that allows us to gain a very deep understanding of our customers' buying behaviors and activate targeted direct marketing actions.

Massimiliano Ceresini–
Marketing Manager

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