ECM strategy for BPS (SUISSE) SA.

  • February 2012
Image ECM strategy for BPS (SUISSE) SA.

Introduction of a new platform for Enterprice Content Management to replace the existing solution of document archiving with a new flexible, secure, and scalable system.


The Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) SA is a Swiss entity, and it was funded in Lugano in 1995. Initially, it was a representative office for the historic Banca Popolare di Sondrio, which was funded in 1871 in Sondrio, Italy.

The choice turned out to be successful: the Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) SA has grown rapidly, and has now new front offices, agiencies, and new branches were opened all over Switzerland and abroad, reaching the present 23 operating units.


The bank’s main objective was to implement a new solution for archiving and managing all their documents, in order to move towards other strategic functions related to Enterprise Content Management.
Finally, the bank wanted to reduce the costs for these services, adopting a new and more efficient technology, as well as more user-friendly for all BPS staff.


Reducing the impact on users’ work habits represents a critical success factor for redesigning business process projects. For this reason, Tinext implemented a solution that could preserve the user’s experience and the main existing business process as much as possible. Where changes were made, Tinext aimed at obtaining the highest simplification possible.
One of the main challenges consisted in migrating over 10 million existing documents that had previously been archived and encrypted by the former management system into the new one. This task has been performed in a very short time frame, but preserving all metadata.


Tinext has considered OpenText ECM – CLM (Content Lifecycle Management) as the ideal ECM platform to provide balance, stability, scalability, security, and mplementation speed. Thanks to this tool, the client coud obtain a remarkable improvement – both in terms of flexibility of use, and of user experience. At the same time, each activity can be traced to assure compliance with all necessary security policies.


• Safer and more reliable infrastructure
• Accurate and complete control of the authentification process
• Simplified interface and higher efficiency in acquiring and indexing documents
• High function and integration fliexibility
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Higher efficiency and rationalization of the business processes


Customer: BPS (SUISSE) SA
Goal: Introducing a new platform for Enterprise Content Management
Technology: OpenText ECM
Year: 2012