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Banca Stato: the new BancaStato.ch website goes live

Tinext redesigns the BancaStato.ch website, a complex and delicate project focused on user experience, multi-channelling and innovation.

A prestigious Swiss credit institution with a strong presence in Ticino, Banca Stato’s new website has recently been released. The BancaStato.ch project was no easy task, requiring efforts on both a technological and resource front to update the platform and put users at its centre.

With this in mind, the user experience has been designed down to the smallest detail by the Tinext team, using the brand-new CMS Magnolia version 6, seen for the first time in a portal of this size.

Internet banking, digital services and technology in the banking sector

Banks are undergoing a profound structural change, changing the way they communicate and work with their customers within a few short years. New generations have stimulated the growth of Internet banking services, but institutions have all had to tackle obsolete platforms unsuited to new technological challenges.

The starting point for the Banca Stato project was the analysis of customer needs, the study of business strategies and the assessment of requirements linked to digital user satisfaction, always a core value for the Ticino bank.

The choice of Magnolia 6: a versatile and high-performance CMS

The challenge set by Banca Stato made it vital to think outside the box, experimenting with cutting-edge technologies that made achieving the goals of such an ambitious project possible.

CMS Magnolia version 6 was chosen to meet this challenge. Used for the first time in a live website thanks to its history of efficiency, this versatile and dynamic CMS is extremely suitable in situations requiring high performance.

The results received immediate positive feedback, ensuring fast and smooth browsing and simple and quick searching of the various functionalities thanks to a clean and intuitive graphic interface, in addition to the complete multichannel services offered by BancaStato.ch.

The portal’s functions are all compatible with the use of PCs, smartphones and tablets, essential when competing in the complex digital banking services sector. At the same time, full commercial control is guaranteed to the bank by technological support for accurate user profiling and cross-selling operations.

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