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3 Ways Live Mobile Chat Can Strengthen Your Customer Experience

The current state of mobile internet usage

It is no secret mobile phones have become such an integral part of our daily routine. According to recent research from Statista, mobile usage worldwide has risen from 48.8% in 2014 to 61.2 in 2018, and is expected to reach 63.4 in 2019. Access to the internet is now in hands of nearly half of the global population and brands around the world must grow and adapt to the needs of their mobile customers.

Mobile Phone Internet User Penetration Worldwide from 2014 to 2019

Of course, organizations have already begun this process by way of offering compatible mobile websites and online e-commerce platforms. However, one aspect seems to remain old-fashioned and that's customer support channels.

In a recent study, 46% of online customers expect brands to provide mobile customer service and 84% of customers who made a mobile transaction within the last year reported a problem. What's more, 63% of online shoppers will not complete a mobile purchase after experiencing a problem.

The introduction of Vivocha's live mobile chat can change the way your customers experience your brand in new and convinient ways, allowing them to get answers without interrupting their daily routine. Below are ways in which Vivocha's live mobile chat can significantly change your brand's customer experience.

Strong Mobile Capabilities

You can now cover multiple channels over mobile. Deploying Vivocha’s chat capabilities into your responsive website gives visitors the same ability to chat with your representatives through their mobiles just as they could while browsing using their desktops.

As for social media, Vivocha’s capabilities extend over Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Business. Basically, customers can chat with you through your organization’s Facebook corporate page and Whatsapp chat box. Your agents can then manage the conversations through the Vivocha platform, even in an asynchronous way.

Advanced Engagement Capabilities

Customer engagement capabilities don’t have to be limited or any less effective than your abilities when it comes to serving a customer coming from your website. Vivocha made sure that appropriate attention would be given to a customer request whether they are coming from your website or mobile.

Push notifications, for example, allow you to re-engage a customer and return to the app by sending notifications to them even if they have disengaged or left from the app.

Vivocha also has proactive engagement capabilities for when visitors are accessing your website or mobile app. You can set certain web pages or parts of it to automatically activate a pop-up that invites visitors to chat with you to address any questions.

By displaying a widget with proactive rules, you’ve already made higher chances of turning a visitor into a lead.

The Co-browsing Advantage

One of Vivocha’s powerful mobile customer support capabilities is co-browsing. This allows your consultants to view the exact section of the mobile app where the customers are navigating in order to walk them through certain complex procedures or simply to point them to the right direction.

Let’s say for example that your customers can perform certain transactions over your mobile application installed on their phones. Sometimes transactions can be complicated and confusing. This is where co-browsing in your support capabilities becomes invaluable. Your agents can view your customer’s app screen and walk them through the procedure as if they were beside them.

Compare that to when you only have a voice or text chat support. Your agent might say, “Do you see a red button there?” and the customer could say, “no” and everyone will be frustrated because of miscommunication.

Sticking to outdated means to provide customer service will likely frustrate your customers and prospects. Customers use their mobile phones for more than just calling. They use apps, access your website or try to complete transactions and because of that, you need to provide customer services in the same diverse way.

However, providing superior customer support to today’s customer is difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right tools. With Vivocha, you can have one single powerful platform to manage all your customer engagement activities.

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